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It's all about the people

The Playground is deliberately compact, with a massive focus on talent. Our people need to be good enough to mix it with the best. We undertake projects from Australia’s leading creative advertising agencies and sit alongside their Creative Directors, Senior Writers and Producers who, quite frankly, demand excellence. We also collaborate with leading film and television Directors, Writers and Producers to create short and long version films, video, and television series.


Founder & Executive Producer

Matthew Gerber-Corn

I can honestly say that I have not once woken up in the morning and thought “I don’t want to go to work today”. I love my job and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work with the one thing that I am extraordinary passionate about – Sound.

A human talks into a microphone. The sound waves captured by the microphone are converted into electrical impulses which run down a copper cable and are then amplified by means of a loudspeaker and turned back into acoustical energy. These sound waves from the speaker hit our ears and (this is the incredible part), by way of stimulating the mechanics of the ear, our brain converts these sound waves into intelligible signals – the human voice. We understand what we are hearing because of these sound waves.

Music and the phenomenon of sound has flowed through my veins since a young age. I played in bands for many years and still love to pick up the guitar and have a strum.

My work eithic is that it doesn’t matter if it’s editing voice for telephone IVR messaging, or working on a high end stylised television commercial – I give each the same level of care and attention.


Ben Churchill

I have defended multiple worlds against evil and traveled through time and space. In fact, I could bore you for hours describing about the many delicate and dangerous missions I have completed whilst gaming, but that’s not what you’re here for. (Insert laugh sfx)

In real life I’m a Kiwi and, since completing a BA Recording Arts & Audio Engineering, I have been gainfully employed in most facets of the professional sound industry. I have worked on many TV dramas and films in post-production and have particular expertise in ADR and animation recording and ediiting. A healthy stint in commercial and non-commercial radio has also given me a fantastic broad-base knowledge of studio machinations and the experience to succesfully collaborate with and direct a diverse range of talent.


Freddie Mack

“I love a good nap. Sometime’s it’s the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning.”

Whilst Seinfeld character, George Costanza, said it, I kind of live it. I’m a bit of a homebody. Home is where I produce music, binge David Attenborough or talk to my plants. Sound like a weirdo to you? (insert uncomfortable laugh SFX)

Seriously though, I have been a singer/songwriter for more than 15 years and I spend a large amount of my spare time collaborating with local Melbourne Muso’s to produce some really nice ‘stuff’. When I’m not doing that, I’m at Sonic. I have a BA Audio Engineering, so I know my stuff and I am also lucky enough to coordinate a lot of what happens in the playground. This includes everything from talent sourcing and scheduling through to providing my very own brand of voice artistry – like pretending to be a turtle that’s pretending to be a shark! (thanks for that AQWA)

In short, I love working here and it really is like a playground that is constantly filled with fun, creative and collaborative people.



Its been a 15 year journey with Matty. One built on trust, respect, laughs and the continual drive for creative excellence. Matty is an extension of our family, he continually adds enormous value and care to our relationship. I have enjoyed every moment we have worked together. He makes our work better. Long may it continue!
Trent O’sullivan, Director Balance


Matt and I have had a long and successful association. As a voiceover artist, I can’t fault the generosity and care that Matt shows to those he produces. Add to that, the recorded voice quality is always amazing. As a voiceover coach and voice demo producer, Matt’s been my go-to person for over a decade. Nothing is ever too much trouble, everything has a solution and his creative energy and warmth make every collaboration a pleasure.
Abbe Holmes, Voiceover Artist/Voiceover Coach


We have had a long-term and wonderfully collaborative working relationship with Sonic across most electronic media platforms and the experience is always extremely professional and super enjoyable. From radio and sound design in the studio, to location sound for TV commercials on both sides of Australia, the result is always a high-end creative outcome.
Mark Lucas, Creative Director, Lateral Aspect


Matty and the Sonic team are an exceptional outfit. I have had the pleasure of working with them for almost 7 years - and our agency Balance, for over 15. Matty is a creative perfectionist who will ALWAYS go above and beyond to get the best results for us. I have a massive deal of respect and time for Matty and his staff, and have no doubt his other clients and industry peers feel the same way. There's a lot of Sound Engineers out there, but there's only one Mathew Gerber-Corn.
David Gullotti, Balance


The guys at Sonic Playground are consistently awesome. I admire how quickly they can produce ads, always with a fabulous attitude, and always willing to go that extra step to get a fantastic result. As a consistently working Voice Artist I feel confident when I’m in the booth at Sonic- they offer not only great direction, but also unique insight which surely comes from making thousands and thousands of ads! Book em!
Jude Beaumont, Voice Artist EM Voices


Sonic Playground is the perfect studio in every way for a voice artist and a voice agent! A phone call from Matt or Freddie at Sonic means that they have carefully cast the perfect voice for their client.
Jane Lillas, Agent - EM Voices


I've worked with Matty and the Sonic Playground team, almost exclusively for many years. They are the best. Professional, reliable and Matty is truely one of the nicest guys in the industry. Being a musician himself, he has a great ear for audio, he works around the clock (although he does enjoy a Bali holiday!) and will do anything for you. Stop the search, you've found what you're looking for.
Dean Codrington, Owner / Head of Production, Bravada Films


Helpful, reliable, friendly, and efficient are words I could use to describe Sonic Playground. From planning a session to casting, recording, and mixing they will always give 100%, sometimes more! They enjoy their work and it shows in the way they work and the work they produce. They make me happy so I am very happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great sound studio to work with.
Jon Mahney, Senior Producer, The Brand Agency Melbourne


A long list of happy clients

Throughout the Sonic journey, we have acquired and cultivated many fantastic relationships with clients that not only bring us great work, but great joy too. If you're yet to experience the Playground difference, please contact us today and book a time to come in for a chat about your next important project.

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