What we do

Bringing sound to scripts and ideas to life

Ultimately, we take scripts and work with other creatives to bring written words and concepts to life. We direct most of what we record, and what we record, we record really, really well.

We are blessed with some of the world’s best audio technology and our entire studio is custom built to deliver outstanding production for our clients. Two sound studios allow full interaction between director, engineer, client and artist, We are also completely linked up with in-booth video for Source connect link up recording. Our production music catalogues and SFX libraries are incomparable and we also love undertaking full folie and sound design work.  Our expertise reaches across all modern media platforms and we are particularly excellent in the spheres of television and film, corporate video, radio, audiobooks  and podcasts. Within the playground we also have the ultimate toy, a fully commissioned, world-class music composition and production studio where we produce brilliant original music and soundscapes.

When it comes to sourcing exceptional talent, the finest and most famous actors, the latest and greatest, the youngest and the oldest, Sonic Playground can access them all.


Aquarium of Western Australia

Turtle Tears

Our process with Perth based independent ad agency, Lateral Aspect, was sit down and have a look at the storyboard. We discussed, and agreed, to create an original music bed that could be used for what was planned to be a several ad TV campaign. We then worked with Lateral’s Writer and Art Director on 100% sound design, voice talent procurement and SFX.

Aquarium of Western Australia

Octopus Ink

The second spot in this campaign was so much fun to collaborate on. With the wonderfully talented animators being just up the road, we were able to to-and-fro with sound design and get the characters, and comedy, just right.

Aquarium of Western Australia

Shark Teeth

This wasn’t scary at all! The third spot in the campaign was one of our favourites. If you listen closely, you can hear that the shark is none other than our Matt Gerber-Corn. The adverts have been played all over the world on creative platforms and favourably critiqued nationally.

RSM Australia

We Understand 'Pete'

Technically, both RSM Australia ads were really challenging jobs. We hired top-end actors to carry the dialogue, but they were in the studio and we had to make it sound like the recording was live – as well as all SFX work being studio. Great result though with one of Australia’s largest business consulting firms being very happy with the results.

RSM Australia

We Understand 'Murray'

We worked in-house with Composer and music-wiz, Robert Upward, to create an original soundtrack. The writer wanted a big cinematic feel and that’s what they got. We actually produced the music before the ad was filmed and it carried the creative concept beautifully. The ad was featured on BestAdsOnTV and AdsofTheWorld.

Valley Spring Lamb

Boxing Day Test

This TVC was funded by Australian Meat & Livestock. We coordinated all location sound – sourced, directed and recorded character talent and created 100% folie and sound design.

A Balloon Tree Productions short film

There's a Mobster Under My Bed

With a literal Mobster layin’ low under her bed – it’s up to an 8-year-old girl to figure out what exactly he’s doing there – and how to get rid of him. Written & Directed by Matthew Smolen. Audio Post-Production by Sonic Playground.

William Barrett & Sons

It’s Your Funeral

Ad 1 of another 2 ad campaign for WA funeral firm , William Barrett’s. The funeral director in the spots is actually Adrian Barret, a real life funeral director. Sonic did all location sound in WA and folie was created back in the studio. The ads performed very well on the creative circuit.

William Barrett & Sons

It’s Your Funeral Too

Ad 2, this one filmed in Melbourne. Sonic again looked after live and studio sound work. Great talent in both commercials made the spots entirely memorable, but being one-take concepts made for long days of filming and getting sound quality perfect.



Its been a 15 year journey with Matty. One built on trust, respect, laughs and the continual drive for creative excellence. Matty is an extension of our family, he continually adds enormous value and care to our relationship. I have enjoyed every moment we have worked together. He makes our work better. Long may it continue!
Trent O’sullivan, Director Balance


Matt and I have had a long and successful association. As a voiceover artist, I can’t fault the generosity and care that Matt shows to those he produces. Add to that, the recorded voice quality is always amazing. As a voiceover coach and voice demo producer, Matt’s been my go-to person for over a decade. Nothing is ever too much trouble, everything has a solution and his creative energy and warmth make every collaboration a pleasure.
Abbe Holmes, Voiceover Artist/Voiceover Coach


We have had a long-term and wonderfully collaborative working relationship with Sonic across most electronic media platforms and the experience is always extremely professional and super enjoyable. From radio and sound design in the studio, to location sound for TV commercials on both sides of Australia, the result is always a high-end creative outcome.
Mark Lucas, Creative Director, Lateral Aspect


Matty and the Sonic team are an exceptional outfit. I have had the pleasure of working with them for almost 7 years - and our agency Balance, for over 15. Matty is a creative perfectionist who will ALWAYS go above and beyond to get the best results for us. I have a massive deal of respect and time for Matty and his staff, and have no doubt his other clients and industry peers feel the same way. There's a lot of Sound Engineers out there, but there's only one Mathew Gerber-Corn.
David Gullotti, Balance


The guys at Sonic Playground are consistently awesome. I admire how quickly they can produce ads, always with a fabulous attitude, and always willing to go that extra step to get a fantastic result. As a consistently working Voice Artist I feel confident when I’m in the booth at Sonic- they offer not only great direction, but also unique insight which surely comes from making thousands and thousands of ads! Book em!
Jude Beaumont, Voice Artist EM Voices


Sonic Playground is the perfect studio in every way for a voice artist and a voice agent! A phone call from Matt or Freddie at Sonic means that they have carefully cast the perfect voice for their client.
Jane Lillas, Agent - EM Voices


I've worked with Matty and the Sonic Playground team, almost exclusively for many years. They are the best. Professional, reliable and Matty is truely one of the nicest guys in the industry. Being a musician himself, he has a great ear for audio, he works around the clock (although he does enjoy a Bali holiday!) and will do anything for you. Stop the search, you've found what you're looking for.
Dean Codrington, Owner / Head of Production, Bravada Films


Helpful, reliable, friendly, and efficient are words I could use to describe Sonic Playground. From planning a session to casting, recording, and mixing they will always give 100%, sometimes more! They enjoy their work and it shows in the way they work and the work they produce. They make me happy so I am very happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great sound studio to work with.
Jon Mahney, Senior Producer, The Brand Agency Melbourne


A long list of happy clients

Throughout the Sonic journey, we have acquired and cultivated many fantastic relationships with clients that not only bring us great work, but great joy too. If you're yet to experience the Playground difference, please contact us today and book a time to come in for a chat about your next important project.

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